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Un évènement de grande envergure, en présence de personnalités politiques et économiques de premier plan, se tiendra à Casablanca en Mai 2022. Il s’agit d’un Forum de haut niveau bi-national. Jérémie Kletzkine (1) est en charge à Tel-Aviv de cet évènement unique.

(1) Start-Up Nation Central promotes entrepreneurship in Israel and connects Israeli entrepreneurs to opportunities around the globe. The nonprofit organization, located in Tel Aviv, was founded in 2012, following the release of The New York Times bestseller Start-Up Nation by Dan Senor. The book chronicles the culture of invention and new-business development that has come to define Israel.

Start-Up Nation Central pursues its mission in four primary ways:

  • Its Finder database provides matchmaker support, offering profiles of thousands of Israeli companies across various industries to those around the world who are interested in doing business with them.
  • It curates customized experiences with government representatives, multinational corporations, and small businesspeople to familiarize them with Israel’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and introduce them to Israeli’s working in their areas of interest.
  • It develops academic curricula on entrepreneurship in Israel as instructional tools for use in American business schools
  • It supports a research agenda on the changing entrepreneurship environment in Israel and other countries around the world.
  • The organization assists inventors and investors in six broad sectors: agritech, cybersecurity, digital health, industry 4.0, financial tech and watertech. To date, Startup-Nation Central has supported the founding of three Israeli innovation centers, launched numerous of proof-of-concept projects, and fostered formal and informal partnership agreements among dozens of Israeli and international companies.
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