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Des laboratoires surbookés et des infirmiers épuisés. Ce n’est donc pas par hasard si des personnes malades du coronavirus ont été libérées alors… qu’elles avaient bien le coronavirus. Un véritable scandale dont l’ampleur n’est pas mesurée. Il semble que des manipulations de tests aient entrainé des résultats erronés.

JPOST. « Currently, health insurance provider labs run tests and the results are sent to the Health Ministry, which disseminates the information to relevant parties, according to Ynet.

The ministry reported on Saturday that the errors were only found in eight samples from two specific labs out of thousands of tests, but nevertheless they decided to stop releasing the results until the issue is settled.

A doctor noticed the problem on Friday after seeing that the health insurance lab noted his patient as testing positive for the virus, while the health ministry noted the result as negative, according to Ynet.

As of Saturday afternoon, the Health Ministry reported that 3,460 Israelis were infected with the virus, with 50 of them in serious condition ».

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