C’est une annonce qui a eu un écho assez exceptionnel. Elle vient du Ministère de la Défense israélien. Une startup au nom de Vocalis aurait développé un savoir-faire de reconnaissance de la maladie du coronavirus par la voix. La startup Vocalis (Israël) est en phase de test. L’analyse de la voix pour détecter le coronavirus est nouveau, mais les experts savent depuis longtemps que Tsahal a réalisé de nombreux travaux sur la voix.

LE PLUS. Israel’s Ministry of Defense is technology developed by voice analyses startup Vocalis Health on confirmed coronavirus (Covid-19) patients to see if the virus has a unique vocal fingerprint that can help with diagnosis, the company announced Tuesday.

As part of the defense ministry’s testing, confirmed coronavirus patients are asked to give voice samples that are compared to those of a control group from the general population. The testing is being conducted at several hospitals and throughout the country, with results expected in four-six weeks, according to the company’s statement.

Founded in December 2019 as a result of a merger between two Israeli digital health startups—Beyond Verbal Communication Ltd. and Healthymize Ltd.—Vocalis Health develops artificial intelligence, machine learning-based voice analysis applications for the health sector. The company’s technology help healthcare providers assess a person’s health based on his or her voice and assist in the diagnosis of conditions that influence the vocal cords, such as heart and respiratory diseases and depression. The company has raised $9 million to date.

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