Lahav Or (épée de lumière, en francais), un système de défense basé sur la technologie laser qui répond aux menaces d’explosifs liés aux ballons qui sont envoyés de Gaza au sud du pays. Selon la police israélienne, avec environ une semaine d’opération, Lahav Or a réussi à abattre 90% des ballons avec des explosifs lancés de Gaza contre Israël, a rapporté le site de Walla! Nouvelles . (Article original sur RakBeIsrael :

On the border with Gaza tested the laser system “Lahav’or” (“Blade of light”), created to deal with the “air terror.” The system was developed by order of the border police (MAGICIAN) a private company Оptidefense, scientists from the University of Ben-Gurion and the Centre for the development of weapons Ministry of defence.

The press service of the MAGICIAN announced on February 6 that the system has intercepted 90% of balloons carrying explosives or incendiary mixture.

“Blade” can be used at any time of the day. He destroys the target with a laser beam, completely eliminating the threat.

The unit is equipped with a target detection system SupervisIR developed by Elbit Systems.

After the test setting will be returned for revision. It is expected that after a few months it will be handed over to the army and the police.

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