Israël. HolistiCyber part à l’assaut des plateformes d’aide à la cyberdécision.

Dirigée par Ran Shahor, un proche de l’ancien commandant de l’Unité 8100, Tal Dilian, la très connectée société israélienne HolistiCyber a lancé sa plateforme SAGE, qui s’appuie sur l’intelligence artificielle.
LE PLUS. HolistiCyber’s mission is to assist corporations in defending themselves from the new phase of evolution in Cyber threats – not only in volume, but in the level of sophistication.
Hackers, backed by Nation-States in many cases, use tools that were developed by the NSA and other Nation-State agencies that have leaked into the Darknet.
HolistiCyber’s holistic approach includes a comprehensive understanding of business processes and identification of organizations’ critical and strategic assets – all from the view point of potential highly sophisticated attackers. We help organizations manage cybersecurity risks and demonstrate the impact a cyber-attack will have on your business, i.e. (Financial, Legal, Brand, Reputation). Our experts are cybersecurity veterans of the intelligence branch of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). They are world-class experts who have served on the front-lines of critical nation-state cybersecurity offensive and defensive operations.
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