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Eric Hadad (Radio J). Standard & Poor’s publie une analyse très optimiste concernant les perspectives économiques d’Israël. Selon l’agence de notation américaine Israël devrait être en mesure « d’absorber le choc économique » provoqué par la pandémie de coronavirus. Standard & Poor’s évoque des fondamentaux macroéconomiques solides et la grande flexibilité monétaire d’Israël. Si le pays devrait entrer en récession, les analystes prévoient un redressement de 6% en 2021. (Eric Haddad)

LE PLUS. Selon : « The credit rating agency reaffirmed Israel’s AA- credit rating over the weekend, downplaying concerns about the country’s local political limbo and its effect on the mounting deficit

Omri Milman
Standard & Poor’s (S&P) reaffirmed Israel’s credit rating at AA- over the weekend, no doubt leading Israel’s Ministry of Finance officials to release a collective sigh of relief. While less exciting than an upgrade or a forecast of an upgrade, it is still a favorable outcome when taking into account Israel’s continued political limbo, its chaotic budget situation, and its rising deficit.
S&P projects that “Israel’s diversified and resilient economy will expand by an annual average of 3%” until 2023, thanks to the strong employment market, the start of operations at Israel’s largest gas field Leviathan, and the country’s gas export. Government debt is expected to pick up slightly due to fiscal deficits, before “fiscal consolidation measures are fully implemented in 2021 and beyond.” Long term growth, however, could be lower due to structural challenges of the Israeli economy, such as its housing and transportation problems, and the low participation in the employment market and low skill levels of minority groups such as ultra-Orthodox Jewish (Haredi) men and Arab women.
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