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Selon l’Israeli Advanced Technology Industries (AITI), le salaire moyen des haredis (juifs orthoxes) du secteur hightech est de 10,830 shekels /mois. Ce chiffre montre que les juifs orthodoxes en Israël ont un salaire deux fois moins important que ceux du secteur hightech du pays! Uniquement 3% des employés du secteur hightech sont orthodoxes.

LE PLUS. SELON LE JPost : « Despite a rise of haredim (ultra-Orthodox) in Israel’s tech sector, they make on average only half the salary according to a report cited by the Knesset Spokesperson’s Office.

The report was published by Israeli Advanced Technology Industries (AITI), Israel’s umbrella organization of the hi-tech, life science and other advanced technology industries, and KamaTech, a nonprofit organization working to integrate Israel’s ultra-Orthodox population into its technology industry.
The average salary of a haredi tech employee is NIS 10,830 a month, compared to an average monthly wage of NIS 22,479 among non-haredi tech workers, according to data from the Israel Tax Authority.
At the same time, the report showed that as of 2018, the number of haredim employed in the tech industry was 9,700 which only amounts to just around 3% of the total number of employees in the sector, while haredim amount to some 12% of Israel’s population.
Haredi tech workers without an academic degree make an average of NIS 9,786 a month, haredim with a college degree in a relevant field make an average of NIS 16,692 a month, and haredi workers with university degrees in relevant fields make an average of NIS 25,698 a month. In every one of these education levels, haredi tech employees consistently make less than non-haredi employees in tech ».
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