Sisense, Zencity, Gigaspaces, Datorama, Anodot sont les grands acteurs israéliens de l’intelligence artificielle. Israël fait partie des trois premiers pays du monde opérant dans le domaine de l’IA après la Chine et les États-Unis.

Israël se classe deuxième après les États-Unis, pour son nombre de start-up IA de premier plan. La présence significative d’environ 90 centres de R&D de sociétés multinationales travaillant sur l’IA en Israël indique son leadership mondial dans ce domaine.

LE PLUS. Israel’s startup culture is booming with successful big data startups catering to the analytics needs of businesses.

We are witnessing a global digital transformation that involves disruptive technologies like AI, big data, and blockchain. Startups play a pivotal role in boosting the world economy by contributing to its wealth and developing innovations and technology.

Israel has been popularly known as the ‘startup nation’ for a reason. A Forbes article says, “Israel, a tiny country with a population of around 8.5M, has earned the moniker of “Startup Nation” mostly because it has the largest number of startups per capita in the world, around 1 startup for every 1,400 people.” Being a country with entrepreneurial expertise, Israel capitalizes on technology to create innovative businesses.

A recent report reveals that Israel now has 45 Unicorns on the list with a combined value of USD 92.6 billion and 15 of them have joined last year.

Let us look at some of the top big data startups from Israel that are changing the way we look at business intelligence and analytics.



Founded: 2004

Headquarter(s): New York

Understanding the significance of data analytics in the current business milieu, Sisense offers a simpler data analytics platform, which can handle huge datasets. Sisense has more than 2000 global customers and around 800 employees spread through Tel Aviv, San Fransisco, Tokyo, Melbourne, New York, and Arizona. Sisense, an AI-driven business analytics platform provides customizable APIs for unique data experiences. Sisense Fusion, an embedded analytics platform, allows the integration of analytics into workflows, applications, and everywhere else to improve customer experience and enhance business intelligence. Sisense was recently recognized as a visionary by Gartner in the Magic Quadrants for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms.



Founded: 2014

Headquarter(s): Tel Aviv

Zencity is redefining civic government bodies by leveraging big data, analytics, and AI to simplify the complex process of understanding the citizens. By filtering the data and feedback from the residents, Zencity uses data analytics and machine learning to provide insights to the civic bodies and cities. Providing tailored insights from a vast pool of online data is ever easy. However, Zencity makes it possible by gathering big data, applying advanced analytics, and distills it to produce reports that can lead to policy making and performance management in a city. Zencity makes data-driven solutions accessible for public bodies, provides alerts for crisis management, and customizable dashboards to specific departments.



Founded: 2000

Headquarter(s): Herzliya, New York

Gigaspaces use in-memory technology to enhance business intelligence, scale real-time applications, provide data analytics, and enable regulatory compliance. InsightEdge by Gigaspaces is a PaaS data analytics system for scaling business operations and overcoming big data challenges faced by businesses. It serves various industries including financial, eCommerce, and telecommunications by allowing them to build distributed data infrastructures that can take any form of data across any environment. Gigaspaces boasts of powering hundreds of Tier-1 and fortune listed organizations and OEMs and has worked with popular organizations like Intel and Morgan Stanley.



Founded: 2012

Headquarter(s): New York

Datorama, now acquired by Salesforce is a marketing intelligence provider that allows marketers to unify, connect, and integrate data to enhance business intelligence. The technology breaks the marketing silos and centralizes data from all the sections. Real-time insights, user-friendly KPIs, dashboards, and the ability to build data visualization make the platform unique. Datorama’s AI-powered TotalConnect provides access to an extensive marketing API library and integration of data in any form and shape. With offices spread over 16 locations, Datorama has a global presence and provides marketing intelligence for popular organizations like IBM, Trivago, Forrester, and Hughes.



Founded: 2014

Headquarter(s): Silicon Valley

Anodot is an autonomous business monitoring platform that leverages AI, big data, and machine learning to provide real-time alerts and forecasts. The software learns business metrics to detect anomalies and act on them immediately. Anodot’s forecasting platform leverages deep learning to ensure autonomous forecasts by using a unique model and training it. Anodot enables easier and faster detection of business anomalies before it creates havoc. Ad tech monitoring, customer experience monitoring, microservices monitoring, revenue, and cost monitoring are some of the listed use cases by Anodot. Being a startup, it leverages big data and analytics to safeguard business parameters.

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