TransTech2020 organisée par la CCIIF (Tel-Aviv et la CCFI (Paris) est une conférence internationale sur le transfert de Technologie et la coopération technologique qui réunit chaque année des sociétés, start-ups, experts et spécialistes de l’innovation.

La diffusion et le transfert de nouvelles technologies sont des piliers majeurs qui soutiennent la raison d’être de l’écosystème israélien. TransTech offre aux acteurs économiques la possibilité non seulement de s’informer, mais aussi d’interagir et de développer des relations dans ce domaine.

Un des objectifs est de renforcer les alliances économiques entre la France et Israël.Cet événement est l’occasion privilégiée de rencontrer et échanger avec de nombreux leaders économiques israéliens et européens, du secteur privé et gouvernemental. .

TRANSTECH 2020.11th Edition of TransTech. Special Start-Ups France-Israel

The Novembre 25th, 2020 between Paris & Tel-Aviv

TransTech2020 – is an international conference on Technology Transfer, gathering every year French and Israeli leading companies, innovative Start-Ups, Innovation Experts and Specialists.

The diffusion and transfer of new technologies are a pillar major that supports the mainspring of the Israeli ecosystem. TransTech offers economic players the possibility not only to learn, but also to interact and develop relationships in this domain.

One of our objectives is to strengthen economic alliances between France and Israel. This event is the privileged opportunity to meet and interact with many Israeli and Europeans economic leaders , from the private and the government sectors.

4 themes for this 11th Edition:

. Cybersecurity

Israel is the second country in the world for cyber security exports. Indeed, many countries are now working with Israeli cyber security companies to protect their systems. Israel is investing hundreds of millions of shekels each year in infrastructure aimed at transforming the desert city, Beersheva, into a « global cyber security hub. » Why is the Israeli cybersecurity ecosystem so innovative? What are the technological trends in this ecosystem?

I. Fintech & Blockchain

Israel, one of the countries in the world with the most developed crypto ecosystem, is about to take a real turn in this area. Indeed since 2018, crypto-currencies have been treated like other financial assets, requiring individual investors to pay a capital gains tax of 25%. The Israeli Knesset is re-examining the Tax Code, considering dropping the capital gains tax on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, thereby dramatically increasing demand and therefore interest in this ecosystem.

III. Health Tech

Israel’s many health tech start-ups are attracting unprecedented interest from abroad, with multinational medical giants looking to benefit from the country’s ongoing high-tech boom. Israel’s health tech is spurred on by a global demand for innovative healthcare solutions, accelerated largely with the COVID 19 pandemic. Considering that life sciences alone represent nearly 50% of scientific research in Israel, the country has become a hub for medical and health innovation and, consequently, a target for investors.

V. Relations between Israel and France

From the military to the civilian, there is no lack of opportunities for the transfer of knowledge and technology. Political relations between France and Israel are solid, with France standing firm on the State of Israel’s right to security. The two countries cooperate in defense and intelligence but also in areas such as civil aviation, or more recently the fight against pandemics. The French economy, second in Europe by size, provides market access for Israeli innovation and its powerful research capabilities and teams. Geographical proximity and cultural links are an asset, France being home to the largest Jewish community in Europe, while Israel, one of the largest French diasporas.

The conference, held in French and in English , will be divided in two parts
Will also be broadcast via Zoom.

From Tel-Aviv

From 15:00 to 18:00, Israeli Time ( 14:00 to 17:00 French hour)


Hosted by Dr. Daniel Rouach, President of the France Israel Chamber of Commerce (CCIIF) and Mr. Shiran Katz, CCIIF Board member.



29, Hamered Street –

61500 Tel-Aviv

13rd floor – Meeting Room

From Paris. From 19: 00 to 20:30, Israeli hour (18 to 19:30 French hour). Hosted by Mr. Andre Dan, Co-founder Challengy, Speaker & Coach.

List of speakers we had in the passed events:

  • Ayalon Vanishe – EDF Energies Nouvelles Israël.
  • Dr Daniel Rouach – CCIIF & Professor ESCP Europe
  • Ron Waldman – Technion (Haïfa) & Europroject Expert
  • Guy Maynart – Associate Prof. ESCP Europe
  • Gisèle Hivert-Messeca – Directrice Business France Israël
  • Karen Gordon – Senior Investment Advisor Business France Israel
  • Barak Ben-Avinoam – Managing Partner Benhamou Global Ventures
  • Yossi Dan – Board Member CCIIF
  • Antoine Basseville – Renault Innovation – Directeur – TBC
  • Mordehai Chouchan – STMicroElectronics – Country Manager Israel
  • Jonathan Rouach – Qed-It –  Co-Fondateur de Bits of Gold – TBC
  • Jeremie Kletzkine – VP of Business Development at Startup Nation Central – TBC
  • Jean-David Amar – Directeur Desk Francophone Leumi Private Banking
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