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Le patron, très réputé, de l’Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) quitte ses fonctions après 4 ans à la tête de l’organisation. Aharon Aharon avait été nommé N°1 de l’organisme chargé de définir la politique technologique d’Israël en 2017, après avoir dirigé le centre de R&D d’Apple en Israël. IIA est l’organisme chargé de promouvoir l’écosystème technologique de la nation et de canaliser les politiques gouvernementales.

Avant de devenir PDG d’Apple Israël et vice-président du matériel informatique d’Apple Global, Aharon Aharon a fait partie de l’unité d’élite 8200 de l’armée israélienne.

Il est titulaire de deux diplômes du Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, en génie informatique et électrique. Il a commencé sa carrière chez IBM, puis a occupé plusieurs postes dans le secteur privé, notamment chez Zoran Corporation et Seabridge. Aharon Aharon a également participé à la création de deux startups qui ont ensuite été vendues dans le cadre d’accords de sortie. Il a contribué à la mise en place des activités d’Apple en Israël. (Times of Israel et IsraelValley)

LE PLUS. SELON LE MAGAZINE ISRAELIEN DEFENSE. « After four years as the CEO of the Israel Innovation Authority, Aharon Aharon announced to the members of the Authority’s board on Sunday that he wishes to step down.

Aharon will continue as CEO for at least the next 90 days and will stay in his post until his successor is announced by a special recruitment committee that will be set up for this purpose.

In a statement, Aharon said: “When I accepted the challenge of managing the Israel Innovation Authority, what stood before me was the immense capability of the Authority to positively influence Israel’s industry and economy. I have acted and continue to act tirelessly for this purpose. It is not for me to judge, but during this period, the Authority has achieved unprecedented accomplishments in terms of industry, economy and society in Israel. The Authority is a highly professional entity, vital for preserving Israel’s comparative edge in the international high-tech and innovation industries, especially during this time of crisis. »

« We were prepared ahead of time for the health and economic crisis in the high-tech industry and I am pleased that we have succeeded in securing significant budgets for supporting high-tech and encouraging innovation, especially during this challenging year. We have launched, along with our partners and with approval of the Authority’s board of directors, the necessary tools for coping with the economic crisis – all thanks to the intensive, professional efforts by the Authority. »

« Some of these projects include funding and assistance for high-tech companies during the coronavirus pandemic; a fast track for receiving grants; the reentry of institutional investors to the high-tech industry after 20 years in which they largely avoided participation in this sector; the human capital fund fostering innovation by bolstering human capital in the high-tech industry; and a range of additional tools that are helping and will continue to help the high-tech sector maintain its position as the engine of growth for the Israeli economy. »

« After a challenging and groundbreaking period, I conclude my time at the Israel Innovation Authority with great pride and satisfaction and am looking forward to upcoming challenges. In the coming months, I will act in coordination with the Authority’s board of directors to conduct an orderly handover and to continue the momentum of the Authority’s activities aimed at successfully weathering the COVID-19 crisis and promoting the Israeli economy,” Aharon said.

Dr. Ami Appelbaum, Chairman of the Board, Israel Innovation Authority and Chief Scientist in the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry, said “Since his appointment to the position, Aharon Aharon has led the Israel Innovation Authority to remarkable achievements and has positioned it as a leading public institution – the agency integrating innovation into the Israeli government and an entity with immense influence on the Israeli innovation ecosystem. Under the leadership of Aharon as CEO, the Authority has carried out important strategic transformations and has significantly expanded its activity into the fields of regulation, funding, and taxation – thus adapting to the changing world of innovation and its inherent challenges. I wish him great success in his future endeavors, and I am certain he will continue to exert influence on Israeli innovation. »

Aharon – with 40 years of experience as a CEO, entrepreneur and director in leading high-tech companies and as a lecturer at the Technion – served as CEO of the Israel Innovation Authority from 2017. Before joining the Israel Innovation Authority, Aharon served as General Manager of Apple Israel and as VP of Hardware Technologies at Apple Israel, after founding and setting up the company’s R&D center in Israel. Aharon holds a B.Sc and M.Sc in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering respectively from the Technion ».

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