Cette année So French So Food s’associe à Shalva National Center. Pour l’occasion, le chef pâtissier Christophe Tuloup a réalisé un atelier pour transmettre son savoir-faire en pâtisserie à 20 enfants handicapés. Accompagné par l’Ambassadeur Éric Danon et les représentants de la Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, cette opération, est selon les leaders de So French So Food,  » est une belle façon de partager l’héritage culturel et gastronomique de la France ».


Shalva (The Israel Association for Care and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities) (Hebrew: שַׁלְוָה) is a registered non-profit organization that supports and empowers individuals with disabilities and their families in Israel. The organization works with a wide range of individuals with disabilities: mental retardation, developmental delays, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, the Autism spectrum, special needs with recognized handicaps (children with minor to severe retardation, Down syndrome, Fragile X syndrome), and more.

Founded by Kalman Samuels in 1990, the organization offers a range of programs to approximately 2000 individuals with disabilities including infants, children, and youth and their families. Non-denominational and free of charge, Shalva offers a range of therapies, inclusive educational frameworks, recreational programs, vocational training, respite and family support. Shalva advocates for the inclusion of persons with disabilities through employment programs, community initiatives, and disability research. Shalva collaborates with communities worldwide as well as government, academic, and cultural institutions to pioneer innovative therapy solutions around the common goal of improving the lives of people with disabilities and promoting their inclusion in society. The organization is supported by a wide network of volunteers from the broader community as well as National Service volunteers.

Shalva’s programs have been distinguished by several awards, among them: the President of Israel Prize for Excellence (1994); the Mayor of Jerusalem Award for Exceptional Service (1999); the Shalem Fund Award for “Israel’s most unique program for the mentally challenged” (2004); the Knesset Speaker’s Quality of Life Prize for Leadership and Public Excellence (2005); the Ruderman Foundation Prize for the integration of children with special needs (2012); and Consultant Status for the United Nations Economic and Social Council (2018). The organization’s management standards are recognized by the ISO 9001/2001 certification and Midot’s Seal for Outstanding Effectiveness.

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