Le groupe britannique Advanced Medical Solutions (AMS), un fabricant de produits chirurgicaux et de pansements, a fait l’acquisition de la start-up israélienne Sealantis. Celle-ci développe des pansements adhésifs qui imitent le processus permettant aux algues de coller aux roches dans l’eau. La start-up a été fondée sur la base d’une technologie développée par le Technion en Israël. L’accord a été conclu pour 21,7 millions d’euros en plus de dividendes, a déclaré le Technion dans communiqué. (https://fr.timesofisrael.com/une-start-up-qui-cree-des-pansements-a-base-dalgue-rachetee-par-un-groupe-de-gb/)

Sealantis Technology – A breakthrough in tissue adhesion

The Sealantis alga-mimetic adhesives present a true breakthrough in the realm of surgical sealants, providing a sophisticated tissue adhesive technology with superior efficacy, safety and ease of use. Mimicking the underwater adherence mechanism of algae, the Sealantis adhesive technology platform opens a gateway to a variety of potential applications in surgery, medical aesthetics, and drug delivery.
The platform comprises a protein-free adhesive based on Alginate, a natural polymer produced by algae.
Sealantis Adhesive Technology ApplicationsThe Sealantis alga-mimetic adhesive technology is a viable platform that can be utilized in a variety of indications, relevant to three major applications:

  • Surgical sealing: In many types of surgical procedures, tissue reattachment techniques, such as suturing and stapling, are not leak-proof, resulting in possible leakage of body fluids during and after surgery. Sealantis surgical sealants are designed to prevent leakage of body fluids including the following applications:
    • Seal-V, a vascular sealant designed to reduce or prevent blood leakage during reconstruction of large peripheral blood vessels
    • Seal-G, a gastro-intestinal sealant designed to reduce or prevent leakage of intestinal content following gastric or intestinal surgery
  • Surgical adhesion: Using a tissue adhesive to reconnect two planes of tissue resolves an important clinical need, particularly in esthetic surgeries, such as face and body lifts in which large skin flaps must be reattached. Sealantis develops a unique solution for tissue adhesion and space-elimination in esthetic surgery.
  • Site-specific drug delivery: The ability of Sealantis alga-mimetic adhesives to adhere to various internal tissues enables a new approach for the administration of drugs: site-specific drug delivery. By using the adhesive as a drug carrier, drug release can be confined to a specific target site. Site-specific drug delivery can decrease toxicity, increase efficacy and potentially modify bio-distribution.
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