The France-Israel Chamber of Commerce promotes economic and technological trade between France and Israel.

Founded in 1952, the France-Israel Chamber of Commerce (CCFI) has about 400 members today.

CCFI’s Board of Directors is made up of the CEOs of French and Israeli companies.

CCFI’s goal is to reinforce economic cooperation between France and Israel by backing projects on both sides of the Mediterranean.


Keep informed about CCFI’s events throughout the year: Program 2015

  • Locating and bringing together Israeli and French companies, offering support for partnerships, particularly in high-tech fields.

- for introductions to companies : the France-Israel Chamber of commerce is managed by business specialists in France and Israel and they are ready to grant you interviews in order to give you advices about bi-national trade.

Become a CCFI member now by sending the Registration Form to : or via fax:

  • Organization of an annual Economic and Technological France-Israel Forum, in Paris, with the support of many public and private partners

-13rd annual Economic and Technological Forum France-Israel 2014 – March 26th

at: *Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris (CCIP)*

  • Business Meetings, lunch-forums and conferences
  • Support for French-Israeli Research and Development Projects through:

- Participation in important economic and high-tech trade shows in France and Israel: Telecom Israel, GSM Cannes, Salon du Bourget en France, Biotech, Agritech…

- General and specific field information, edition of the French-Israeli Economic Trade Relations Magazine, _ « Israel Business »_ Radio Program on Radio Shalom, 94.8 FM on Sundays at 10 am.

- General Information about Trade in Israel : Trade with Israel safely

  • Information to find an internship in Israel or to hire the right person, thanks to a Resume Database, advice to Israeli companies setting up in France.
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  • Henri CUKIERMAN President
  • André MAAREK Vice-President
  • Michel HAUSER-KAUFFMANN Managing Director
  • Dominique BOURRA President of the Cybersecurity Commission andCorporate Contact director

NOTE: The France-Israel Chamber of Commerce is located at: 8, rue Freycinet – 75016 Paris:

Tel.: 33(0) – Fax: 33(0)

Office in Israel : Chamber of Commerce and Industry Israel-France (CCIIF)

Tel.: 972(0)5 45462353

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