Jeremy Coller est un homme d’affaires et philanthrope britannique. Il est le fondateur, directeur des investissements et président de Coller Capital. Il a annoncé hier sa volonté de se retirer d’Israël. La réforme judiciaire en cours ne lui convient pas. Un courrier a été adressé à l’Université de Tel-Aviv (il est un très gros donateur) pour informer le Président de sa décision de ne plus faire des donations.


British businessman and philanthropist Jeremy Coller has threatened to withdraw his investments in Israel if the government’s plans to overhaul the judicial system go through.

In a letter sent “with a heavy heart” on Friday to Prof. Ariel Porat, president of Tel Aviv University, Coller wrote that he wanted “to discuss the current situation in Israel and the impact it may have on my future commitments to Tel Aviv University.”

In 2016, Coller made the most significant gift to TAU for $50 million to fund research and development, study programs and teaching at the Coller School of Management. He also sponsors TAU’s Coller Start-Up Competition and the Coller-Menmon Animal Rights and Welfare program for animal law.

A serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, Coller founded Coller Capital, which currently manages $27.5 billion in assets. The Jeremy Coller Foundation focuses on ending factory farming and improving venture management and education. In 2015, he founded FAIRR, considered the world’s fastest-growing environmental, social and governance investor network, with $70 trillion in assets under management.

His venture capital business, CPT Capital, invests in more than 100 global start-ups, including more than 30 in Israel, such as the well-known Aleph Farms.

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